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Hi all, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted personal stuff on here (not like anyone actually reads my stuff, though) but I have been super busy with my new job and the show I’m in.

I’m in a musical, Shrek The Musical, at a local theatre. Well, local means I drive 50 minutes to get there, but for Texans, that’s no biggie really.  And I’m a new teacher at the high school I used to attend, they just threw me in there in the middle of the 5th Six Weeks, but I’m getting along alright. Most of my students like me, and some are learning that I can be a hard ass when I need to be. I’ve made parent phone calls. I’m proud of myself.

But back to my main topic, dancing. I’ve gotten back into dancing with the show I’m in currently.  I have been involved with dance since I was 4, but after graduating high school (8 years ago), I feel out of routine because I didn’t have classes or dance team to do daily.  This show has been so AMAZING!

I’m getting back into the shape I used to be in when I was in high school, I’m getting my flexibility back, I feel fabulous because exercise is good for you, and dance is great for the soul.

I even have calluses on my feet!!!  I know most of you are saying to yourself, “Ew! Why are you celebrating that?” but dancers will know why. Calluses are our skins natural padding, and as a dancer, our feet take a beating, big time. The thicker calluses we have, the less injuries we get because our feet can take the hard landings, fast spins, and long balancing acts we do with them and to them. It is rare to see or hear of a dancer getting a pedicure where she gets her calluses removed. Ouch! My feet hurt just thinking about it.

For a dancer, just walking around without calluses after going for so long with them, hurts, even if we’re wearing supportive shoes. One doesn’t really know how much our body can take, and what amazing things our body does for us until something we’ve had or used for so long is suddenly gone.  I mean, as cavemen, we didn’t have shoes, we had thick-ass calluses.

So while many see the thick skin as a gross, and even ugly, dancers love them. We’re proud when new dance shoes cause blisters, we rarely walk on a sandy beach without shoes of some kind, we may not even wear sandals that often because we are aware that we have those rough and tough patches of skin on our feet and on the sides of them as well. But every passion comes with some kind of “price,” and a dancer’s is her/his calluses. Though most of the time, they’re badges of honor.

I just wanted to share my happiness. I feel pretty good, my arthritis is doing well, I have a new job that enjoy (most of the time), and I have rediscovered just how much I need dance in my life. After this show is through, I am going on a schedule, a work-out schedule, except it will be dance.  It keeps me sane. :)

vanahthefangirl asked:

Oh god no don't get into Blood on the Dance Floor. They're not worth the hate you'd get for liking them and yeah Bad Blood is good and Epic is good (if you don't mind explicitly) but they just aren't good or professional overall and yeah.

I get some hate for liking Black Veil Brides. I really don’t care. Actually, there’s a few of my friends who don’t like Motionless in White either, and yeah… still don’t care.  But thank you for the heads up. You’re so thoughtful and sweet.



Everyone please do not reblog anything from matiias29soad because he or she is reposting gifs a lot of people spent ages making and not even bothering to credit them. Their ask is closed or I would have just asked them to take them down and not make a big drama out of it but it just really bothers me that all day this account has been reposting numerous gifs that I know people work hard on instead of just reblogging them.

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